Alliance Gertz-Ressler High School SJSA Workshop 

SJSA believes that all students are capable of recognizing and addressing inequity in society. Workshops focus on enabling students to develop and express opinions about a variety of social justice issues, as well as recognize and honor activists and upstanders throughout history who fought for equity. SJSA workshops, and their network of volunteers, provide students with a platform to create activist artworks which advocate for increased equity and justice in our world. SJSA organizes a variety of individuals and communities to creatively respond to inequities in society. Through workshops, SJSA establishes the significance of social justice work and engages students in art activism. Through exhibitions and lectures, SJSA brings stories of inequity to young and adult audiences around the country - exposing communities to the variety of issues faced by youth today, and allowing us to see common themes between communities.  SJSA encourages students to consider the intersections of race and identity in their social justice pedagogy. Much of the student work created in these workshops directly represents the inequity faced by different races, genders, and sexual orientations in America. Several students chose to represent issues of identity that they personally experience, thereby emboldening these individuals as advocates for their communities. 

- Alisha Mernick, Art Educator and Art Content Lead for Alliance College Ready Public Schools