Emory D. Christian, Esq. -- Chairman of the Board

Emory is a former deputy prosecutor who has long been an advocate for reformative and restorative justice. In her current role as an instructor for Five Keys School, she teaches incarcerated adults who are seeking high school diplomas and/or college education.

Toyan "TJ" Harper, Jr. -- Chief Operating Officer

TJ currently serves as the Associate for Racial Justice Ministries with the Massachusetts Conference, UCC.  He has worked in City Hall in Chicago and with immigration casework for a U.S. Senator. TJ is also an alumnus of the 2014 Princeton University Public Policy & International Affairs fellow. 

Sara Trail -- Secretary

Please visit our "Core Team" page to view Sara's extensive biography as the Founder & CEO. 

Laverne C. Edwards -- Board Member

Laverne is a retired professor who specifically focused on sewing design, color theory and architecture.  Laverne spends a great deal of her time working with youth in SJSA and other organizations to teach you how to sew and earn a living using their God-Given talents and abilities. 

Henry L. Kelly -- Board Member

Henry currently serves as the Senior Pastor of Grace Temple, Church of God in Christ located in Antioch, CA. His ministry focuses on Christ-based learning, wellness and feeding programs for less fortunate families. Pastor Kelly has worked to found restoration homes for those struggling with drug addition in the Bay area. 

Eleanor O'Donnell -- Board Member

Eleanor is an expert quilter and teacher, stemming from years as a long-time mentor and coach to youth in California including Sara.  Eleanor also serves as a mentor to the Antioch Women's Club and a member of the California Historical Society.  When she is not sewing or teaching, she loves to travel and SPEND TIME with her dogs.

Katrinka Trail -- Member-at-Large

Katrinka currently serves as a California realtor and advocate for women, children, and the elderly.  She brings years of experience through working with low-income families and communities of color through her activism.  However, she believes in always amplifying the voice of the presumed voiceless.